Sign Up and Become A Jeunesse Distributor

What are the benefits of becoming a Jeunesse distributor?

  1. You get access to all the Jeunesse products at a discount
  2. You can refer friends and get paid for it
  3. You can earn passive income
  4. You don't have to sell the products

Signing up as a New Jeunesse Distributor (STEP BY STEP)

1. In a web-browser, go to

2. In the top right hand corner of the page, click on JOIN NOW

3. On the next page, select your region (eg. South Africa, USA, China) and your language, and click on CONTINUE

New Jeunesse Distributor Signup Country Selection

4. On the next page, you have an opportunity to read through the terms and conditions of becoming a Jeunesse Distributor. Once you are happy with this, tick the box to say “I Agree” and then click on CONTINUE

New Jeunesse Distributor Signup Terms and Conditions

Jeunesse Compensation Plan

Jeunesse Policies and Procedures

Distributor Agreement Terms and Conditions

5. The next page is where you will enter all your information, and is broken up into different sections:

New Jeunesse Signup Distributor Information

6. WEBSITE SELECTION Main Site URL – enter the username that you want to use for your Jeunesse account. Most people enter their name or something similar, like “janesmith83”. This is completely your choice, and if you want you can click on “Check if available” and it will tell you if that username is available, or if someone else already has it. Password – enter a password of your choice

7. DISTRIBUTOR INFORMATION Date Of Birth is compulsory. Co-Applicant are only relevant if you are in the USA.

8. MAILING ADDRESS Enter your mailing address here, remembering that it can't be a post office box.

9. SHIPPING ADDRESS If your shipping address is the same as your mailing address, you can select the box to make it the same. Otherwise, enter your shipping address in the same way as you did for your mailing address (again, no PO Boxes)

10. You can then proceed to the products you may want to buy.

11. STARTER KIT This is a compulsory payment of $29.95 (R409 depends on ROE) which gives you a distributor account, your own Jeunesse website, back-end office, and more.

12. SIGNUP PACKAGES These are completely optional but represent excellent value for money. These packages are only available on signup, and are cheaper than buying the products separately. You can click on “View Description” on any of the packages to see what's in them. Or, you can also create your own package. To do that, simply select the “CreateA-Package” option and a new section will open up where you can select the items you want. For each item you want, tick the box for that item and then enter the amount you want. The table will automatically add up the total price for you

Jeunesse Packaged Pricing Analysis as per 26/01/2016
Jeunesse Pricing Analysis

13. AUTOSHIP OPTION If you select any of the signup packages, another section will open up called Autoship Option. Again, this is completely optional, and is just a way of making sure that you get the products you want on a monthly basis. You can change this later, or cancel Autoship at any time. If you don't want to sign up for Autoship at this stage, then simply change the dropdown box to “Do Not Wish To Sign Up For Autoship” and move on. Or if you'd like to sign up for Autoship, leave the box on “Signup for Unconditional Autoship” and then select the items you'd like to have shipped to you on a monthly basis.

14. Once you have completed all this, simply click on “Complete Signup” at the bottom of the page. This will take you to a secure page where you can enter your payment details, in order to complete the process.

15. As soon as you've signed up, you'll receive some emails from Jeunesse with your login details. Not long after that (usually within 12-24 hours) you'll also receive a welcome email from us with more details on how to get started! If you have any questions about this process at all, or if you'd like us to help you through the signup process over the phone, simply email us at